Masha Mobiles

Foxall studio invites 15 friends to the studio where illustrator/designer Masha Reva paints the sitters' portraits on the palms of their hands.

We applied and animated the portraits onto generic mobile phone cases. The film's launch coincides with Masha’s collection preview at Paris Fashion Week, March 2017.

A project directed, designed and produced by Foxall Studio with Masha Reva (portrait painting) and Joe Lewis (animation). Support/backstage photography by Elodie Nizon. Scanned image post by Lever Post.



Iain Foxall

Timothy Bouyez-Forge

Andrew Foxall

Sarah Bunter

Elodie Nizon

Ger Tierney

Mike Hemy

Natalie Tilbury

Zoe Hodge

Talli Moran

Thalia Dergham

Louise Anscomb

Jon Nash

Talli Moran

Samantha Lee

James Darton

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