Fade Repeat

A4 posters printed with diminishing laserjet toners and then sellotaped together

A collaboration between Foxall Studio and Dominic Haydn Rawle that turns a laser printer into a monotype press by using toner that's about to run out

Photographer Dominic Haydn Rawle, having met mutual friend Tom Godfrey in Nottingham, sent us a package in the post. In the tube-shaped parcel was a poster made up of 9 sheets of A4 paper sellotaped together, with the same photograph printed on each page as the laserjet ran out of ink. Since then we have been collecting our almost-finished laserjet toner cartridges with which we made the above set of new posters. The source images were taken by Dominic from a recent road trip through the U.S. and Cuba



Thanks to Dominic Haydn Rawle, Tom Godfrey, and Tanaporn Wongsa

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