Photographers Gallery

Instant Chimera was an interactive installation commissioned by The Photographers' Gallery, London

By connecting a push-button activated printer to the gallery's CCTV network we turned the surveillance into an 8 metre instant self portraiture device

Upon pressing the button an image is captured of that moment and the preceding 5 second intervals leading up to it. Images were instantly printed and immediately published on a dedicated website

The installation combined the studio interests in image making, branded environments and exploring the relevance of both new and outdated technology

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The Photographers’ Gallery, London

Concept and design – Andrew Foxall and Iain Foxall / Foxall Studio

Website – Sebastien Dehesdin

Electronics – Ben Barwise

Animations – Joe Lewis

Production – Louise at Foxall Studio

Stills – Tim Bowditch



Camera/Post – Liboni Munnings

Direction/Edit – Foxall Studio

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